To set up Open Bump, please follow the step-by-step tutorial below.

Invite Open Bump

First of all, you need to invite Open Bump and make sure it has enough permissions. You can invite it using the link here.

Once you have invited it, you need to make sure that Open Bump has enough permissions. The basic permissions required only are Read Messages, Send Messages and Embed Links. To use all features, the bot requires more permissions. You will get a message with the missing permissions if you try to use a command that required more permissions.

Set a description

To be able to bump your server, you need to set a description. A description can contain up to 1536 characters and tells users more about your server.

To set a description, you can use the command ob!set-desc <description...>.


ob!set-desc 🥶 **Cold Face** 🥶 Welcome to Cold Face. Cold Face is a server where everyone has a cold face! We love memes, music and twitch streamers. If you want to get a part of us, join now using the link below!

There are lenght limitations on descriptions. Open Bump will warn you if a description exceedes it's limits and even gives you tips on how to improve your ad.

Set an invite

Before you finally are able to bump your server, you need to set an invite. You can do so using the command ob!set-invite. The command does not need any arguments and the invite link is created in the channel where you use the command.

Bump your server

You should now be able to bump your server using the command ob!bump. If there are any errors, please try to fix them by yourself or ask for help on our support server. We tried to make error messages very clear and easy to understand. It may take some time until Open Bump shows how many times it has bumped your server. If the loading message stays for more than 2 minutes, please contact support.